Filming & Access

Commercial and Media Filming at Georgia Aquarium

Thank you for considering Georgia Aquarium for your filming needs! We are happy to assist working media on assignment with feature stories and coverage of Georgia Aquarium, as well as film crews interested in using the Aquarium as a filming location

Please note when submitting a filming request:

- All filming requests must be approved by Georgia Aquarium Communications department. The Communications department will also assist in arranging any interviews with our experts and staff members if one is requested.

- At least two weeks' notice is required for filming and photography requests. Any requests submitted under two weeks may not be accommodated and no filming will be accommodated with less than 24 hours' notice. Requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

- Media and film crews are allowed in public guest areas. Special permission if required for behind the scenes areas if requested and will be evaluated on an individual basis. Members of the media and film crews are always accompanied by a Communications staff member. We will help you find your way around and make sure you are able to get where you need for your story.

- All filming at Georgia Aquarium must follow Georgia Aquarium’s Commercial Filming and Photography Guidelines. These guidelines are for commercial crews who wish to use Georgia Aquarium as a venue, or use animals and staff to film all or part of feature films, documentaries, television advertisements, television series, photo shoots, print advertisements, etc. Georgia Aquarium’s guidelines help to ensure the safety of our animals, staff and guests.

- Georgia Aquarium cannot accommodate filmings on weekends, holidays, and during Aquarium buyouts due to increased attendance and impact on guest experience. Filming blackout dates may apply during peak attendance seasons (i.e. spring break, summer, holidays).

- Due to the volume of filming requests received, pilot shows and student filming requests cannot be accommodated.

- If a filming request is approved, a Location Agreement must be signed by all parties. The Location Agreement covers the grant of right to enter approved areas and use of Georgia Aquarium materials, location fees, Georgia Aquarium policies, rules and regulations, defines Georgia Aquarium property, and outlines insurance policies required. Location Agreement per Georgia Aquarium must be signed. Outside location agreements will not be signed.

- Georgia Aquarium Inc. (GAI) reserves the right to cancel any shoot at any time if it is not in the best interest of Aquarium animals, staff or guests, or if it defies the Aquarium’s mission or any of the guidelines outlined.

To submit a filming request, a Filming and Photography Application must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Communications department. Please complete the application by following the link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Submit Filming Application


On-site media requests

Members of the media covering a story related to Georgia Aquarium must contact the Communications department to request interviews or filming access before admittance to the Aquarium. No media will be admitted if they arrive onsite for day-of filming. Members of Communications team can assist in setting up filming, interviews, and parking should the project be mutually beneficial to both parties. All filming at Georgia Aquarium must follow our Filming and Photography Guidelines. Please fill out the Filming and Photography Application at least two (2) weeks in advance and email to get in touch with the Communications department.


Media Admissions Policy

As a non-profit organization, the media admissions policy for Georgia Aquarium, Inc., enables active and working media to become familiar with the facility’s many featured galleries and, at the same time, enjoy a day at one of the world’s largest aquariums. It is Georgia Aquarium’s policy to offer members of the media on assignment one complimentary general admission ticket and a 20% discount for any guests traveling with them to the Aquarium on the day of their visit. This courtesy is extended to qualified and current working members of the media, not including administration, sales or retired personnel. 

Discounted tickets are at the discretion of Georgia Aquarium management and may not be available during high attendance days (i.e. holidays, spring break). Requests for discounted tickets are reviewed and researched on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Qualified and current working members of the media NOT on assignment, along with their guests may receive:

- 20% discount on general admission ticket price, excluding Imagination Nights and special events. Discount can also be applied to animal encounter and interactive programs, and Georgia Aquarium annual memberships.

- These discounted tickets do not include parking fees.

Please note: While recording and photography devices are allowed in the Aquarium, no professional grade cameras, lenses, boom mics, lighting, etc. will be allowed without permission from the Georgia Aquarium communications team.

Discount media tickets can be purchased online in advance or picked up at Will Call upon arrival. Please email for the discount ticket web page.

Traditional Media Bloggers


Celebrities and VIPs at Georgia Aquarium

- Georgia Aquarium has hosted several celebrity visits. All celebrities/VIPs are given the option to have confidential visits to the Aquarium. In this case, they are required to pay for all of the costs of their experience.

- Certain celebrities/VIPs are offered complimentary services in exchange for various media opportunities.

- If a celebrity/VIP is interested in visiting Georgia Aquarium, notification must be submitted to the Communications department. Requests are reviewed on an individual basis.

- To notify the Communications department of a celebrity/VIP visit, please email