UPDATE - June 4, 2015

Georgia Aquarium’s beluga whale calf’s health remains in extremely guarded condition, as her health has not improved. Our veterinary and animal care teams continue to consult with experts in the field of veterinary medicine from across the country. The mother, Maris, is in good health and is with her calf. Our team continues to be with Maris and the calf around-the-clock to care for and monitor their health. Additional information about the beluga calf’s condition will be reported as it is available.

June 3, 2015

The beluga whale calf born at Georgia Aquarium on May 10th is behind schedule in growth for a calf of her age. After several days of successful nursing between Maris and her calf, the team did not see the calf gain a significant amount of weight. Our team then began working tirelessly to remedy the situation and help the calf gain weight by supplementing her caloric needs with formula, which mimics beluga milk.

Currently, the calf has stopped nursing and is still not gaining weight, even with our assistance. We consider her current status as extremely guarded. We have been working around the clock since the animal’s birth to monitor and support both mother and calf, including consulting and working with the very best experts in the field of veterinary medicine.

The next few days will be critical. Our team will continue to be with the calf around-the-clock. Additional information about the beluga calf’s condition will be reported as it is available.

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