In July and September of 2016, Marineland Dolphin Adventure welcomed two dolphin calves. Today, we are excited to announce, for the first time, their names to the public.


'Oli - 2017
Calf 'Oli and his mom Lily

The male dolphin calf born on July 8, 2016 is resident dolphin Lily’s first calf. His name is ‘Oli.
‘Oli means “to bring joy or happiness” in Hawaiian. Both ‘Oli and Lily are doing very well. He began eating solid food at five to six months, which is right on target. ‘Oli regularly participates in training sessions and is learning quickly. He is learning to present his flippers and tail flukes, which allows trainers to conduct daily physical exams on him for his overall health.

‘Oli is extremely curious about people, and spends a lot of time interacting with staff and guests. He is also very fond of spitting water onto people over the top of the windows! Visiting guests may have the chance to see ‘Oli through two large viewing windows at Marineland.


Roxy - 2017
Roxy holding the buoy for her calf, Surge

Just two months later, Marineland welcomed another male dolphin calf, born on Sept. 29, 2016 to Roxy. His name is Surge. Surge was born just eight days before Hurricane Matthew hit along the Florida coastline, including the area of Marineland, and gets his name from the impact of that storm. The storm surged from the Atlantic Ocean into major roadways surrounding Marineland and flooded the Matanzas River. Fortunately, through the outstanding efforts of the staff to prepare the facility, and monitor and care for the animals during the storm, all the animals at Marineland were unharmed and the facility had minimal damage given the force and flooding of from the Hurricane.

Surge continues to grow and is increasingly more aware of his surroundings. He has recently become very interactive with trainers, as well as guests. Surge is still nursing from his mother Roxy, but is expected to start eating small pieces of fish soon. In lieu of fish, trainers have been using pieces of ice to teach him the basics of training. While he’s still learning, Surge can be seen “practicing” with ‘Oli as they try to spit water over the windows onto unsuspecting guests below.

Animals in accredited zoos and aquariums serve as ambassadors to their counterparts in the wild. Marineland Dolphin Adventure is accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) and is dedicated to the well-being of dolphins and other marine mammals in human care and in the wild. Both calf’s mothers were also born in human care at accredited zoological facilities. ‘Oli and Surge join a family of dolphins that are part of a prestigious breeding program, which is the longest-standing dolphin breeding program of any zoological facility. This program’s success is in large part to the exceptional animal care and training that all of the animals at Marineland Dolphin Adventure receive each day.

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