Happy National Dolphin Day! We’re celebrating our flippered friends with a recap of our coverage from March’s Dolphin Awareness Month! Don't forget to check out our animal guide to learn more about the common bottlenose dolphin.


Facility History


In 2011, Georgia Aquarium acquired Marineland Dolphin Adventure in Marineland, Fla., formerly known as Marine Studios, the oldest oceanarium in the world.

To learn more, check out our blog: The History of Marineland Dolphin Adventure.  


Animal Care

At Georgia Aquarium, we perform preventative medical assessments, routine weight monitoring, full physical examinations, as well as diet supplementation and vaccinations for all of our animals.

Check out the video above to see  an up-close and personal Facebook Live with Associate Veterinarian Dr. Alexa McDermott, detailing how we care for our dolphins by showing a routine veterinary exam. To learn why Senior Director of Animal Health Dr. Tonya Clauss entered the veterinary field and explore the importance of preventative healthcare, check out our approach to Underwater Medicine


Research and Conservation Efforts


Here at Georgia Aquarium, we take our research and conservation efforts into the wild habitats of bottlenose dolphins. By collecting biological samples during assessments, we are able to understand how dolphins respond to environmental risks such as pollution, infectious diseases, and entanglement in marine debris. 

Teaming up with several scientific partners to assess dolphins located in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida’s most bio-diverse natural estuary, this project assessed dolphin health and identified possible environmental and human stressors that directly affect dolphins found throughout our oceans and waterways. 


Dolphin Trainer Spotlight

The dolphin trainers at Georgia Aquarium have special bonds with our dolphins, allowing them to provide safe, effective, and stimulating enrichment. In honor of Dolphin Awareness Month, Senior Dolphin Trainer, Crystal Van Boxtel shared her journey and how she became dolphin trainer.  Check out how Crystal turned her passion to a profession.

Travel behind the scenes and check out this special feature above of trainer Crystal and how she cares for dolphin Pukanala. 


Dreams to Reality  

Mary Tipton, a 10-year-old with a warm personality, always wanted to meet a dolphin. After battling ovarian dysgerminoma, Mary Tipton is now in remission, and was able to join Georgia Aquarium’s Director of Zoological Operations and Animal Training, Lisa Mignogna Bodechon, and live out her dream for a behind-the-scenes dolphin encounter.


As we celebrate National Dolphin Day, we celebrate our dolphins’ abilities to touch lives through training, enrichment, and encounters.  Dedicating this day to the conservation and research done worldwide, Georgia Aquarium strives to protect and conserve this animal species daily.

Visit Georgia Aquarium’s animal guide to learn more about common bottlenose dolphins. Also, stay up to date with Georgia Aquarium on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram