Opened in 1938 as Marineland Studios, Marineland Dolphin Adventure is the world's oldest oceanarium and is rich with history. Today, Marineland Dolphin Adventure focuses on providing guests with interactive and educational program that allow them to learn more about bottlenose dolphins, while also inspiring them to value and protect the marine environment. Here a five FIN-tastic reasons to visit Marineland and learn more about its resident dolphins:

1. Meet and feed a dolphin:

Meet and feed

Get up-close and personal with one of Marineland’s resident dolphins in the Touch and Feed encounter! The Touch and Feed program offers the opportunity to meet, greet, and feed one of Marineland’s amazing bottlenose dolphins. The experience lasts approximately five minutes and guests ages three years old and up are welcome to participate.

2. Receive a one-of-a-kind painting:

DolphinDesigns 1

Do you have a passion for art and animals? Marineland’s interactive Dolphin Designs program combines both! Participants will choose up to three colors for a dolphin to paint on a canvas. Once the artwork is complete, guests will have the opportunity to interact with their dolphin artist. The program lasts approximately 15 minutes and guests ages five years old and up are welcome to participate.

3. Discover dolphins up-close:


In the hands-on, shallow-water Discover Dolphins encounter, guests will enjoy an exhilarating dolphin interaction alongside one of Marineland’s dolphin trainers. Before the encounter guests will take part in an informative and educational pre-encounter session that offers the opportunity to learn more about these amazing marine mammals. Make sure to bring a bathing suit for this experience!

4. Swim alongside a dolphin:


Marineland’s most popular experience is the Dolphin Immersion encounter program. In this program, participants will enjoy time with Marineland’s dolphins in shallow water, as well as the unique opportunity of swimming with them in deep water to truly experience the grace and power of the bottlenose dolphin.

5. Test out a future career path:


For guests who dream of becoming a dolphin trainer, the Trainer for a Day program is the perfect opportunity to learn what takes places in the day of a dolphin trainer! Participants will assist Marineland’s animal care and training team with activities like preparing meals, feeding animals, attending an animal training lecture, observing and tracking program behaviors, creating enrichment devices for dolphins, assisting in record keeping, and of course, encountering dolphins!

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