Shells and scales and spiny tails, the world-class veterinary team at Georgia Aquarium has cared for it all. The reptiles, like all of the animals in our care, receive annual exams from our veterinary staff in addition to the daily assessments they get from our animal care teams. Preventative healthcare is important in maintaining the health of our animals. These annual exams include full body exams, ultrasounds, blood samples, heartbeat monitors, x-rays, and more.

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Alligator Tumor Removal-31
Dr. Alexa Delaune takes an ultrasound on an albino American alligator during an annual health assessment.

Alligator Tumor Removal-57

Dr. Chelsea Anderson examines the eyes of an albino alligator. The eyes appear pink due to the lack of pigments in the skin.
Box Turtle-6
Georgia Aquarium's veterinary team collects a blood sample from a box turtle as part of animal exams.
Emerald Tree Boa-11
Animal care staff cradle an emerald tree boa while veterinarians examine its teeth and mouth using an ophthalmoscope. Venomous snakes have fangs whereas non-venomous snakes, like the emerald tree boa, have teeth. 
Ornate Uromastyx Exam-23
An ornate uromastyx has its heart rate checked by animal care experts.
Sand Boa & Python Exam-11
A Kenyan sand boa receives a full body examination by animal care experts at Georgia Aquarium.