ATLANTA (January 13, 2015) Georgia Aquarium currently cares for more than 40 African penguins in the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest gallery, but did you know their counterparts in the wild are facing harmful challenges such as oil spills, food shortages and habitat degradation?

In less than 30 years, the wild population of African penguins has declined more than 60 percent. As a result, they are currently listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. However, through the extensive field research, conservation and successful breeding programs they conduct, organizations like Georgia Aquarium are fundamentally important when it comes to protecting and conserving this amazing, imperiled species. On average, African penguins live almost 10 years longer in human care than in their natural environment, allowing us to study and learn even more about these birds.

National Penguin Awareness Day takes place every year on January 20, and to bring awareness to this species and help educate guests Georgia Aquarium is hosting the annual Party with the Penguins on Saturday, Jan. 17. This annual event will allow guests to learn more about African penguins and how to help this endangered species. There will be trivia, question and answer sessions, penguin nest-building activities, prize giveaways and a chance to meet a penguin in person. Party with the Penguins is free for annual pass members and complimentary for all guests with Aquarium admission.

To further support Georgia Aquarium’s conservation programs, join the Caring Together Club, a special community of animal advocates who understand and support the work that Georgia Aquarium and the zoological community are doing for animals everywhere. To learn more about African penguins, visit Georgia Aquarium’s Animal Guide

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