ATLANTA (June 13, 2005) - Bernie Marcus, benefactor of the new Georgia Aquarium, announced today that the number of fish expected in the Aquarium will be in the range of 100,000 to 120,000 fish.

Marcus made the announcement in response to a news story published in Taiwan, where the fish had been raised in the aquaculture industry, which reported more than 100,000 fish were in a shipment to the Georgia Aquarium.

“I have been saying that we would have more than 55,000 fish; I just never said how many more,” Marcus said.  “We were hoping to save this exciting news -- that we would have double the number we originally indicated -- for the Aquarium opening, November 23.”

“I’ve also said all along that we would not promote any of our animals until we were sure they were safe inside the Aquarium. As of last night, our newest residents are inside their new home and doing well.”  Marcus disclosed the species of the new fish: giant trevally, batfish, golden trevally, sea goblins, white-spotted guitarfish, giant grouper and bowmouth guitarfish.

Marcus lauded UPS, the company that transported the fish, saying that this massive effort took over one year from planning to execution.  On June 3, UPS transported two whale sharks from Taiwan to the Georgia Aquarium, the only place in North America that will have these fish, the largest in the ocean.

“This announcement may have been disclosed prematurely, but I assure you there will be more surprises in the future,” Marcus said.



The Georgia Aquarium will open in Atlanta, Georgia on November 23, 2005, as one of the world’s largest aquarium facilities. With more than 5 million gallons of marine and fresh water, more than 100,000 animals representing 500 different species, the Georgia Aquarium is a $200 million gift to the people of Georgia from Bernie Marcus, co-founder of the Home Depot, and his wife Billi, through the Marcus Foundation. The Aquarium will be overseen by a nonprofit corporation run by a board of directors.

The mission of the Georgia Aquarium is to be an entertaining, educational, and scientific institution featuring exhibitions and programs of the highest standards, offering engaging and entertaining visitors’ experiences and promoting the conservation of aquatic biodiversity throughout the world. It is the goal of the Georgia Aquarium to educate audiences of all ages, while promoting a fun and entertaining learning experience that inspires guests to appreciate the world’s aquatic biodiversity and to take conservation action. Additional information on the Georgia Aquarium can be found at

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