ATLANTA (February 5, 2016) - Georgia Aquarium hosted its annual Party with the Penguins on Jan. 30 in observation of Penguin Awareness Day, which falls on Jan. 20 every year. Guests were able to learn more about the research and conservation efforts Georgia Aquarium participates in to help preserve African penguins, an endangered species, while engaging in penguin-themed activities. Guests were also able to observe penguins in their habitat in the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest gallery. Photos of the event highlights can be viewed below.


Child puts penguin on board


Coloring Book Activity


George Waddlesworth
George Waddlesworth waves to fans and guests of Georgia Aquarium’s annual Party with the Penguins event.


George with children
George Waddlesworth, one of the Aquarium’s new spokespenguins, poses with guests attending the annual Party with the Penguins event.


Kids pose with penguin cutout
Two children are all smiles as they stand with a penguin cutout in front of the beluga habitat at Georgia Aquarium on Jan. 30. 


Little boy with hand raised
Guests were eager to ask questions about African penguins at Georgia Aquarium’s Party with the Penguins event.


Penguin Bracelet
In the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest gallery, guests can see the African penguins and notice each wears an identification band with different colored beads. Guests were able to make their own penguin bracelets at Party with the Penguins and learn what each colored bead means.


Penguins of Madagascar
Guests of all ages arrived at 9:30 a.m. to watch a screening of “Penguins of Madagascar” in the Oceans Ballroom.





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