ATLANTA (January 14, 2015) - Georgia Aquarium introduces Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone; a new, unique experience that allows parents and children to learn about aquatic life as they complete a series of educational and fascinating challenges. Included in admission, this educational journey through the Aquarium’s previously-behind-the-scenes areas challenges guests of all ages through a series of activities in a variety of immersive environments.

Aquanaut Adventure guests are guided by an interactive iPad that recognizes each challenge location, age level and time limit. The iPad utilizes advanced technology that directs guests through one of seven selected routes where they must complete five of the seven challenges in order to obtain Georgia Aquarium aquanaut status. As aquanauts-in-training, participants will choose from a variety of challenges that include measuring food for animals at Georgia Aquarium, protecting baby fish from predators and restoring a coral reef all while using the latest technology. The goal of the Aquanaut Adventure gallery is to instill a sense of appreciation for the oceans, lakes and rivers of our planet and an understanding of the organisms that thrive there.


“We are very proud to enhance the visitor experience with another educational and exhilarating gallery,” said Scott Higley, vice president of communications and external affairs at Georgia Aquarium.  “We encourage families to utilize this gallery to enhance their child’s education, engage in a little friendly family competition and visit often, as the exhibits will evolve every few weeks. We hope that they'll walk away a little more inspired and knowledgeable about aquatic life."

A 2013 study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association explored the impact of learning-focused travel on academic performance and career growth. The findings demonstrated the power that travelling has to transform how students approach learning and become inspired to learn more. The study found that adults who took educational trips reaped many benefits such as higher grades, greater salaries and overall greater career success than those who did not.

With 80 percent of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. dependent on mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge, experiences like Aquanaut Adventure help instill critical aspects of STEM education on which children may not focus. Aquanaut Adventure is the newest addition to a growing number of Atlanta attractions that are incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education into hands-on learning experiences. Other attractions include the Children’s Museum, Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the Delta Flight Museum, which opened in June 2014.

Aquanaut Adventure at Georgia Aquarium


To ensure the newest gallery features the latest in technology, Georgia Aquarium partnered with CN2, a Georgia Tech VentureLab Company, to develop a breakthrough use of augmented reality, a live view of real world environments that are computer-generated, to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to guests.

“Guests at Georgia Aquarium will be immersed in this groundbreaking technology as they participate in Aquanaut Adventure. Augmented reality brings digital content into the real world and will enhance the educational experience for our guests.” said Higley.

In the mornings, Aquanaut Adventure is bustling with students visiting Georgia Aquarium on field trips. In the afternoons, guests are invited to take the challenge adding another educational element to their visit.  For more information, visit our website or call 404-581-4000.

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