ATLANTA (January 15, 2016) - ‘Shipwreck,’ a new addition to Georgia Aquarium’s Tropical Diver Presented by Southwest gallery is a habitat home to various species of eel, cleaner shrimp and bigeye fish. This eight-foot tall, 2,000 gallon habitat, located across from the catfish bubble habitat, is a captivating and vibrant replica of a shipwreck underwater and was skillfully designed with its inhabitants in mind. The goal of this exhibit is to bring awareness to the important role shipwrecks have in the world’s oceans: acting as an artificial reef.

With more than 3 million ships sunken to the bottom of the ocean, some of those remains find a second life under the sea as artificial reefs. Fish may seek shelter among the wreckage and, over time, corals may attach themselves to the structure and grow. As coral colonies develop and other marine creatures take up residence, the shipwreck transforms into a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

‘Shipwreck’ contains many cracks and crevices which can act as hiding places for eels, and cleaning stations where small fish and cleaner shrimp can groom a larger animal. These areas are strategically placed at various eye levels, allowing guests of all ages to fully experience the unique animals.

Creatures of ‘Shipwreck’ include zebra moray eels, harlequin snake eels, skeletor moray eels, Hawaiian cleaner shrimp, Hawaiian cleaner wrasse and bigeye fish.

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