ATLANTA (OCTOBER 28, 2015) – This month, Georgia Aquarium and technology giant, Google, have joined together to host Google Week from October 26-30, 2015. Google has generously sponsored field trips for 3,600 Title I students from metro Atlanta schools and rural schools outside the metro Atlanta area to visit the Aquarium, many for the first time. Georgia Aquarium is the first organization in Georgia to be awarded this sponsorship through Google’s field trip programming.

Google is sponsoring a full week of field trips for 720 students a day, ranging from grades 3 to 5, amounting to 3,600 students in total. The sponsorship includes transportation, lunch, and admission to Georgia Aquarium for each child.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the Aquarium and learn about different animals, their habitats, and how ecosystems are affected by pollution, trash, and overfishing. In addition to learning about the environment, students will eat lunch among Georgia Aquarium’s dolphins and learn about their behaviors and meet a dolphin trainer. Students will also have the chance to immerse themselves in Georgia Aquarium’s interactive gallery, Aquanaut Adventure, touch pools, and a variety of learning experiences. They can explore all of the Aquarium’s galleries and behind the scenes to gather a better understanding of the aquatic world and the animals that live there.

“We are so thrilled to welcome 3,600 students to Georgia Aquarium, and to be able to provide them with complimentary admission, transportation, and lunch through the generous sponsorship by Google makes this such a fantastic opportunity,” said Kristyn Tumbleson, director of education for Georgia Aquarium. “Many of these students would never have the opportunity to visit an aquarium and learn about our oceans. Google has made it possible for students and educators to experience the wonders of the aquatic world and transform a student’s engagement far beyond the classroom.”

In addition to learning experiences, school groups will participate in pep rallies and a collaborative art project with Atlanta artist, Dena Light and several other local artists. This art installation will demonstrate the collective power of human impact as students contribute their own creativity and artwork as the week goes on. The installation can be seen at Georgia Aquarium during its construction and its completion following Google Week.

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