ATLANTA (July 6, 2016) - On June 28, 2016, Georgia Aquarium was made aware of a blog post by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This blog post discussed that MasterCard would no longer be supporting zoos and aquariums.

Georgia Aquarium contacted MasterCard for their response to this blog post. During this time, Georgia Aquarium did not accept MasterCard payments online.

We would like to inform you of a resolution of this issue as of July 5:

Georgia Aquarium has been in communication with the leadership at MasterCard regarding any association with PETA. MasterCard clarified with us that PETA’s public blog post does not reflect their company policy. Following this clarification, Georgia Aquarium has reinstated accepting MasterCard online and at the ticket windows. We are satisfied with MasterCard’s immediate attention to this matter and we will continue to work with MasterCard.

The following is MasterCard’s statement regarding PETA:

MasterCard Statement Regarding PETA

PETA's blog posting of June 28, 2016 does not reflect MasterCard’s company policy.

In our communication with PETA, our use of the word “experiences” refers solely to the experiences offered under the Priceless Cities marketing program, and should not be construed to a broader definition of our acceptance policy. To do so would be to misconstrue our intent and our corporate policies.

We value our relationship with accredited zoos and aquariums. These institutions are held to established standards and best practices and they play an important role in the communities where we operate. In addition, accredited facilities worldwide play an important role in educating the public, conducting research and conservation, and, ultimately, preserving wild populations.

In guiding our work with animal-related organizations, we subscribe to the concept that “all animals should be treated humanely, and we celebrate the special role they play in our families and our lives.”   



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