TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (May 2, 2016) – VISIT FLORIDA and the Florida Attractions Association today unveiled the Florida Attractions Finder, an interactive vacation planning tool that allows travelers to virtually experience their Florida thrills from a front-row seat. Point-of-view videos send users careening and diving on the newest roller coasters, zip-lining over alligators (look down if you dare), and skimming the Everglades aboard an airboat. Whether visitors are looking for a first-time Florida experience or wishing to repeat their last favorite Florida vacation moment, the Florida Attractions Finder puts the power of discovery in the user’s hands.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure is featured in the launch collection of 130 attractions statewide. Marineland Dolphin Adventure opened in 1938 as Marine Studios and was designed as a facility where Hollywood filmmakers could create underwater movie footage. Marineland celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013 and today offers interactive dolphin encounter programs to inspire and educate guests about marine mammals and their environment. Marineland also continues to be involved in the community, and in various marine research and conservation efforts.

“Marineland Dolphin Adventure is excited to be a part of the Florida Attraction Finder. We look forward to welcoming guests that visit Marineland during their Florida vacation and are excited to provide them with an engaging and educational experience through our dolphin encounter programs,” said Kurt Allen, general manager and vice president of Marineland Dolphin Adventure.

Built on the TripTuner platform used to construct VISIT FLORIDA’s successful Beach Finder in 2014, the Florida Attractions Finder aggregates images of different attractions based on changes made to the dial settings. Four separate settings can be adjusted depending on the user’s vacation preferences: from thrill to chill, popular to hidden gem, high-tech to natural, and days to hours. The interface then matches the user with an attraction, which could be an internationally recognized theme park or an off-the-beaten path experience.

Where the Beach Finder payoff was the Street View images that have attracted 260 million views on Google and VISITFLORIDA.com, the user’s reward on the Attraction Finder is an exhilarating POV YouTube video rehearsal. Clicking “MORE” will take the viewer to the attraction’s official website.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of the Florida Attractions Finder, showcasing the state’s diverse attractions to visitors from around the world,” said Paul Phipps, chief marketing officer at VISIT FLORIDA. “The ability to try out different attractions and imagine yourself in the middle of the excitement is part of the fun we all have when anticipating a Florida vacation.” 

The Florida Attractions Association partnered with VISIT FLORIDA on this project by providing the initial vetting criteria for the beta version and acted as a consulting resource for the 130 attractions featured.


“Florida has an enormous amount of diverse experiences to consider. We wanted to see the Florida Attractions Finder become a reality because it has the power to make planning and finding vacation experiences easier and fun,” said Bill Lupfer, president and CEO of the Florida Attractions Association.

This summer, another 50 attractions will be added to the Finder and future plans will allow users to submit videos and compete for viewers’ choice awards. The Florida Attractions Finder can be accessed here: VISITFLORIDA.com/attractionsfinder.


Marineland Dolphin Adventure’s goal is to utilize interactive educational experiences to inspire visitors to value and respect marine mammals and their environment. Located south of St. Augustine, Florida, Marineland Dolphin Adventure opened in 1938 as Marine Studios and marked its 75th anniversary celebration in 2013. In addition to its status as one of Florida’s first and most beloved attractions, the park also pioneered marine science studies, animal training and water chemistry, and is known for establishing the world’s first successful dolphin breeding program. At today’s modern facility, the focus is on intimate, unhurried dolphin interactions, swimming with dolphins and a variety of engaging dolphin encounters. Marineland Dolphin Adventure also hosts memorable oceanside events. Marineland Dolphin Adventure is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and is affiliate of Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.marineland.net.