More than two years ago, Georgia Aquarium announced plans to undergo the largest expansion in its history complete with a redesigned entrance and one-million-gallon shark exhibit. Now, Georgia Aquarium is revealing major details to this highly anticipated addition.

Guests can expect an immersive and one-of-a-kind experience – from outside the exhibit and inside. From behind-the-scenes, guests can participate in an interactive animal experience and wade into an immersion pool attached to the main shark habitat that houses zebra sharks and stingrays. Accompanied by Georgia Aquarium staff, guests get up-close with sharks and rays and learn about the conservation of these fascinating animals.

Inside the main exhibit, for the first time, guests can enter the waters of the shark habitat – from the safety of a dive cage. No dive certification is necessary as participants are guided by Georgia Aquarium Dive staff. Both experiences and additional details are coming soon, but spots can be reserved now. Visit  Shark Cage Dive and Shark & Ray Immersion for more information.

The mission of the new shark exhibit is to educate guests on the importance of these misunderstood creatures to healthy ocean ecosystems. Through interactive gallery features, hands-on immersion experiences, and compelling research, the Aquarium hopes guests will leave with a renewed sense of respect for all shark species – not just the hammerheads, silvertips, sand tigers, and tiger sharks that may grace the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the gallery.

Get a sneak peek of the exhibit:

Georgia Aquarium’s research and conversation team have been performing important research on shark species like hammerheads, sand tigers, and tiger sharks over the last few years in conjunction with this new endeavor. From tracking hammerheads in Floridian waters to nutritional research on tiger sharks in the Bahamas, Georgia Aquarium hopes to contribute important scientific knowledge to shark conservation. See one of the latest shark research trip to the Bahamas here. 

Expansion 2020 is still in progress and coming soon to Georgia Aquarium. A name for the exhibit will be released at a later date once construction is completed. Be sure to like and follow Georgia Aquarium on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for exclusive updates and more details on the new exhibit!

Renderings are available for use and download here:
New main entrance