A message from our President & CEO, Dr. Brian Davis

It has taken me some time to find the words to describe the level of heartbreak I feel based on the events of the last week. Because of how close I am to this issue, addressing this heartbreak publicly demanded deep reflection and space to process these emotions and thoughts.

The death of George Floyd and so many others has caused us all to pause and reflect how we can do even better in helping each other, our community and our guests understand and respect our differences. Racism has no place in our space; and we will continue to fight against inequality and rally behind mechanisms that unite us all.

The Aquarium has served as a place of respite where guests can escape aspects of our everyday environment and immerse themselves in another world. As we take our guests on journeys to remote parts of the world; we embrace the cultures that make those experiences unique. We celebrate cultural differences. We learn from cultural differences. We grow from cultural differences. We are better as a result of cultural differences.

Diversity is paramount to our organization; it enriches us all. Atlanta has been uniquely shaped by civil rights trailblazers, historically black colleges and universities, and burgeoning black communities that continue to enrich us all. We embrace these valued contributions and are committed to continuing to create a space for learning, growing, mutual respect and appreciation now more than ever.

Your voice is heard, your thoughts are valued, and your life matters.