Since its institution, Georgia Aquarium has put education at the forefront, providing unique educational opportunities to all guests - but especially those interested in the field of STEM. As the first aquarium to be a Cognia Certified STEM Provider, Georgia Aquarium is proud to offer educational programming, field trips, teacher resources, and at-home learning experiences for students of all ages.


Science, Technology, Math and Engineering are at the heart of Georgia Aquarium. From our galleries to our education department, STEM can be seen in every aspect of the Aquarium.


Our education department holds two STEM-themed camps every year for students of all ages. Camp H2O provides an opportunity for campers to spend the week engaged in fun and exciting activities while also learning about the aquatic species at the Aquarium and their habitats. They will also explore vast ocean ecosystems and learn more about the STEM career opportunities found at Georgia Aquarium. For more information about our summer camps or to register, please visit our website.


This past year, Georgia Aquarium has also worked to create new virtual educational offerings in accordance with STEM for educators and students completing at-home learning. In addition to online lesson plans and field guides, the Aquarium now offers virtual field trips and virtual tours to show students a deeper look into the STEM paths at Georgia Aquarium. Georgia Aquarium also created a STEAM Forward video series, to address questions related to STEM careers, topics, aquatic and natural science. Led by our education department, expert researchers and aquarists, these videos are designed to increase proficiency in STEAM subjects by reinforcing the content being learned in the classroom and to inspire students to study STEAM subjects in school and pursue careers in STEAM fields. All of the Aquarium's at-home learning assets are available through our website.


Continue learning about STEM pathways at Georgia Aquarium on our website and celebrate Georgia STEM Day on Friday, May 7, 2021.