While we are temporarily closed to the public, our staff at Georgia Aquarium is still caring for our animals and making sure they receive uninterrupted care, enrichment, training sessions, and food! In many ways, it is business as usual around the Aquarium…although with fewer cars in the parking garage.

Our animal teams are dedicated to ensuring our animals' day-to-day routines remain the same. The care and wellbeing of our animals is still our top priority during our public closure. It is important to continue keeping our animals engaged and stimulated through training sessions, enrichment, and interactions with their care teams!

Here are some examples of how our animals are being cared for in a variety of ways:

Our sea otters are still enjoying their ice baths and treat-filled Kong® enrichments.

Tank, our green sea turtle, is enjoying his lettuce snacks and finding new ways to keep our team on their toes.

Our penguin chicks are continuing to grow every day, in their size and appetite.

Speaking of penguins, our ‘Waddle Walks’ continue to be a great way for our penguins to get out and stroll the Aquarium in an enriching and fun way.

Our animal care teams are now doing 24-hour monitoring on our female beluga whale, Whisper who is due to give birth in the coming weeks! Our beluga team is keeping a close and careful eye on Whisper and continuing her routine monitoring as we anxiously await the arrival of her calf.

Tony, our giant puffer, is still working on his selfie target training sessions with aquarists (we think he has no bad selfie angles).

Our dolphin team continues to practice behaviors to keep our dolphins sharp and physically fit.

California sea lions are still getting several training sessions throughout the day to keep them stimulated and engaged.

We have more exciting and educational things planned, so be sure to follow us on our social platforms to stay updated on what’s happening at Georgia Aquarium!