Here at Georgia Aquarium, we want to help you continue the fun of learning at home! We created a fun, educational assignment to give you the opportunity to learn more about aquatic animals and report back to us their findings. Check out below for the different assignment options and how to submit your videos.

Assignment Option 1:

Tell us about your favorite animal at Georgia Aquarium! Record a short video answering the following questions:

  • What are they? Where can we find them in the wild? How big are they? Are they endangered? What color are they? What is their favorite food?

Feel free to include a photo or personal drawing of the animal you choose.

Assignment Option 2:

Use an old shoebox to create a diorama of one of our exhibits!

You can include things like such as the species, vegetation and anything else that would be important to the ecosystem in your diorama. Once you’ve completed the project, create a fun video, explaining which exhibit you chose and why.

Exhibits: Aquanaut AdventureCold Water QuestDolphin CoastOcean VoyagerPier 225River ScoutTropical Diver

How to Submit Your Report:

You can submit your report photo or video on any of our social platforms by tagging @GeorgiaAquarium and using the hashtag #FishSchoolFun in your post. All videos must be 90 seconds or less. 

Be creative! Think outside the tank 🐟 We can’t wait to see what you learn.

Social Platforms

Please note, by submitting your videos you are granting permission to Georgia Aquarium permission to use, reproduce and publish for non-commercial purposes/on our social channels.