MARCH 5, 2018 (ATLANTA) - The 28th Annual Allie Awards were held at the Coca-Cola Roxy Theater on March 4, 2018. This awards ceremony honors ‘allied’ event companies who work to promote excellence in event design, planning and production. Georgia Aquarium is the 2018 winner for Best Lighting Design Award for their design of FLIP the ROOM. The Best Lighting Design award is given to the company whose lighting is used best to enhance their event.

John Walker, senior manager of sales, submitted the illuminated orb lighting created in Oceans Ballroom for the 2017 official Atlanta Pride Kick-Off party at Georgia Aquarium for the Allie Award. 

Georgia Aquarium is proud to be recognized for its award winning events. For more information on events and the Oceans Ballroom at Georgia Aquarium, please visit