Our sea lion pup Scarlett is growing up fast, and now you may see her next time you stop by SunTrust Pier 225. At almost four months old, she has been learning from mom and meeting important milestones like learning how to swim. Recently, Scarlett and her mom, Edith (Edi), moved to the main exhibit area of SunTrust Pier 225 to introduce Scarlett to our other California sea lions. Mom and pup have been off-exhibit in a behind-the-scenes area of the Aquarium since Scarlett’s birth to allow for bonding and nursing.

“Scarlett and Edi will be on exhibit in SunTrust Pier 225 periodically to give them the opportunity to get comfortable with these new surroundings. They will be off-exhibit from time-to-time to allow for plenty of naps, since Scarlett still has plenty of growing to do!” said Will Elgar, director of animal training, pinnipeds. “We are excited to see Scarlett grow and learn, and watching Edi become a mom has been great.”

Scarlett can be seen swimming and playing alongside her mom and one of our other female sea lions, Katie. The trio have bonded and Katie has assumed the role of a helpful friend or ‘aunt’ helping Edi and teaching Scarlett.

Make sure to check out SunTrust Pier 225 next time you visit to see if Scarlett is out swimming or playing with mom and ‘aunt’ Katie.

Scarlett was born on October 30, 2017 to resident California sea lion, Edith (nicknamed Edi). She is the first sea lion pup born at Georgia Aquarium and gets her name from the protagonist of Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel, Gone with the Wind.  

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