See what all of your favorite animals have been up to and re-watch all your favorite episodes from ‘The Aquarium’ Season 1 and 2 on Animal Planet Go! With over 18 episodes, there is plenty of Tank the sea turtle mischief, Tony the giant puffer feedings and so many more otter-ly adorable animal moments to fill your day. All episodes are free to access through most cable subscriptions.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Slimy is the New Fuzzy

We can hardly believe it has been over a year since our very first episode of ‘The Aquarium’ premiered. Since then “slimy is the new fuzzy” has really become a signature catchphrase of ours! In this episode, you’ll meet Tank our green sea turtle, join our veterinary staff as they check-up on a pregnant stingray, and travel with our team to release African penguins back into the wild in South Africa.

Episode 2 - Seal the Deal

Join us in this episode as Floyd the harbor seal tries to overcome his elevator fright. Our team also practices a whale shark blood draw, and one of our penguin chicks starts to hatch.

Episode 3 - Ready for the Jelly

In this episode our animal care team practices walking with Scarlett the sea lion so she can join the others in their grand entrance. Our veterinary team does an x-ray on a shark spine, and one of our belugas learns to swim onto a scale.

Episode 4 - Otter Tale

Watch as our animal care team investigates the cause of bloody nose in one of our Asian small-clawed otters. Also in this episode, four of our American alligators go on exhibit and two southern stingrays get a vet check-up.

Episode 5 - Ophelia the Octopus

Join us in this episode, as Georgia Aquarium helps two California sea lions with eye issues. Our giant pacific octopus gets new enrichment to keep all eight legs busy, and our team travels to the Bahamas to study the effects of microplastics on sharks.

Episode 6 - Penguins in Love

In this episode, our team helps a piranha that needs surgery, and Tony the giant puffer gets a feeding. You’ll also get to meet two African penguins, Charlie and Lizzy, whose love story will melt your heart.  

Episode 7 - Toddler Sea Lion Scarlett

Our team gears up for penguin waddle walk practice, and sea lion Scarlett works on her training in this episode. You’ll also get to see our team travel to the Florida Keys as they continue their coral restoration research.

Episode 8 - Baby Otter Rescue

In this episode, fly with our team to California to meet a rescued sea otter pup. Our ruddy ducks move into their forever home and our team builds a manta-sized lifting stretcher.

Episode 9 - Dolphin Doctor

Watch as our puffins are starting to change plumage and Crush the box turtle goes for a walk around the Aquarium.


Season 2

Episode 1 – Big is Beautiful

Join us as we introduce our beluga whales to some new friends. Tank the green sea turtle gets into mischief and Scarlett the sea lion turns 1 year old!

Episode 2 – Sea Otter Summer Camp

In this episode, Gibson the sea otter gains some independence, our African penguins go on an adventure and Thor the green moray eel escapes his holding tank.

Episode 3 – Bacon and Tomato’s Big Adventure

Shy Shelly the box turtle goes to Toddler Time in this episode. Our team also attempts to measure our whale sharks, and its stingray moving day!

Episode 4 – Coral Super Bowl

In this episode, Zola the African penguin gets some special attention while our harbor seals move back to the beluga habitat. Our research team also goes to Key Largo to research coral spawning.

Episode 5 – Big Momma’s Surprise

Watch our emerald tree boas get an exciting new exhibit. One of our sea lions needs an x-ray, and Big Momma has a b-i-g surprise.

Episode 6 – Four Chicks and Counting

Join us for African penguin nesting season, which brings some exciting new members. Also in this episode, Cruz the sea otter meets Mara, and our team participates in important dolphin research.

Episode 7 – Maggie the Magnificent

Our team studies marine mammal body heat while Maggie the Asian small-clawed otter helps the team with her own health care.

Episode 8 – Ghost Gators

In this episode, the Aquarium reveals some exciting updates to our alligator exhibit, complete with some new toothy friends.

Episode 9 – Expedition Whale Shark

Watch as our team travels to St. Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to gain footage of whale sharks in their natural habitat during mating season. Our dolphin team also welcomes two new members.


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