After much success with a multi-year collaborative beer partnership, Georgia Aquarium is entering the wine market with a new cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, titled Seventy-One, that will be hitting shelves this fall.  

Seventy-One pays homage to the percentage of water that covers the Earth’s surface and Georgia Aquarium is committed to conservation and action on behalf of aquatic species. Proceeds from Seventy-One wine will raise funds and awareness for the Aquarium’s research and conservation efforts that span the globe. Funds will help African penguins in South Africa, whale sharks in the Galapagos, or even California sea lions along the West Coast.

“We are excited to release a unique wine that will highlight Georgia Aquarium’s commitment to the conservation of our ocean and aquatic species around the globe,” said Hiroshi Okuda, senior director of strategic marketing and corporate partnerships.

Each of these wines offer a wide array of flavors to satisfy the taste buds of someone that prefers a rich red or a dry white wine. The cabernet sauvignon offers a beautiful, aromatic nose of plums and spices and full, rich palate, with excellent depth of fruit and elegant, silky tannins. The chardonnay displays a vibrant golden hue and intense, fresh aromas of flowers and exotic fruits.

Seventy-One wine will officially launch at Georgia Aquarium’s Aqua Vino event on October 4, 2019. Attendees to this ticketed event will have the opportunity to try the wine before it is available at select independent specialty stores throughout Atlanta. Both the cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay will be available at the Seaside Delights café in Georgia Aquarium’s Atrium. Seventy-One will also be added to the wine selection menu for private events hosted in the Aquarium’s Oceans Ballroom venue space. Additionally, merchandise will be available in the Aquarium’s gift shop with a portion of proceeds going back to the non-profit’s research and conservation efforts.

Whether you’re attending Aqua Vino, planning a trip to the Aquarium, or looking for a new wine to try, make sure to keep Seventy-One in mind and know you are giving back to ocean conservation.

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